The New Crow Jim was doing extraordinarily well until The New Press and Michelle Alexander had it censored. I took the New Press to USDC-SDNY and they settled out of court. The terms of the agreement were confidential but suffice it to say the book is available with its original parody cover in an updated edition. Who can find out about what transpired by visiting a parody website I set up about the law firm that messed with me.

This is what you will find in The New Crow Jim and more.

Nearly 50 percent of black Americans personally knew a fatal gun shooting victim, more than twice as many as whites, a new internet poll has revealed. Maybe this is why the Public Religion Research Institute data show that a full 75% of Whites have "entirely White social networks without any minority presence." They don’t want to be one degree of separation from a thug.

But according to Obama millions of Black men have been framed by racist cops, juries and judges and a Black Criminal Subculture is not responsible for their high rates of incarceration. There are numerous prisoners who have been framed by a corrupt judicial system but not millions of them. According to Obama Black gangbangers are just children of clay who have no choice but to commit an inordinate amount of violent crime, destroy other people’s lives and, thank god, periodically off each other. Obama: “And without making any excuses for criminal activities that take place in these communities” That is all he does is make excuses for them and invites their parents to the White House. This is why a state of de facto racial segregation still exists in America. The New Reconstructionist Obama Administration wants to put an end to this de facto segregation without dealing with the issue of Black racism and Black crime. This is all part of the New Crow Jim the oppression of Whites by Blacks. Obama told Marc Maron he himself once aspired to become a Black criminal:

You get a leather jacket and then at a certain point right around 20 right around my sophomore year I started figuring that a lot of the ideas I had taken on about being a rebel or being a tough guy or being cool were really not me, they were just things I was trying on because I was insecure or because I was a kid.

The idea of crime as a legitimate political expression first originated with Black Panther Eldridge Cleaver in 1965. In his autobiography, Soul on Ice he wrote:

Rape was an insurrectionary act. It delighted me that I was defying and trampling upon the White man's law, upon his system of values, and that I was defiling his women. I felt I was getting revenge. From the site of the act of rape, consternation spread outwardly in concentric circles. I wanted to send waves of consternation though out the White race.

Even the Attorney General, H. Rapp Holder, had a criminal mentality and didn’t trust the findings of his own FBI:

I recognize that the findings in our report may leave some to wonder how the department’s findings can differ so sharply from some of the initial, widely reported accounts of what transpired. I want to emphasize that the strength and integrity of America’s justice system has always rested on its ability to deliver impartial results in precisely these types of difficult circumstances – adhering strictly to the facts and the law, regardless of assumptions. Yet it remains not only valid – but essential – to question how such a strong alternative version of events was able to take hold so swiftly, and be accepted so readily.

In the Maron interview Obama stated that when he lived in Indonesia he prayed in Mosques.

She thought all cultures were fascinating. And she was loved I wasn't brought up with the religion thing I mean we would go to church for Easter sometimes. We had a Shinto temple across the street from where were we living. When I was in Indonesia that's a Muslim country and we had Mosques but she instilled in me these core values that for awhile I thought were corny and then right around 20 you start realizing honesty, kindness, hard work, looking out for other people are actually pretty good values they are homespun they come out of my Kansas roots. They are the things that ultimate become most important and how I built my life.

You just can’t walk into a mosque and start praying. You have to say the shahda first: Allah is the only god and Mohammad is his final prophet and poof, you are a Muslim. So by his own admission he is an ex-Muslim.


One of the biggest funders of De Blasio and The Cop Killing Lobby is the developer Bruce Ratner. Ratner funds the Center for Constitutional Rights and the National Lawyers Guild through his Israel hating brother Michael Ratner.


During this period, as in the original, corruption is rife:


Case #4: In November 2009, an ATF Director of Industry Operations (DIO) who holds a Top Secret security clearance was on temporary assignment. According to the IAD report of investigation, the DIO solicited consensual sex with anonymous partners and modified a hotel room door to facilitate sexual play. In addition, the DIO removed smoke detectors from the hotel room and inadvertently caused damage to the hotel’s centralized fire detection system. When the hotel supervisor contacted the local police, the DIO admitted the conduct and told local police this type of conduct was not an isolated incident for him and had occurred in the past. The DIO pled guilty to one count of misdemeanor “fire prevention interference.” The DIO was placed on inactive probation for 12 months and was ordered to pay a fine and court costs. The incident received significant media attention in the local area.